Formaldehyde emission standards

There are many different standards for formaldehyde emissions around the world. The three most common used ones are shown and compared to each other in the table below. The international tendency is in lower the emissions to zero emissions.

Name:European formaldehyde emission standard [EN]
Japanese Industrial Standard [JAS]
California Air Resources Board [CARB]
European and EU countries
California and other US States
"EN 13986
EN 120 (Perforator)
EN 717-1 (Chamber)
EN 717-2 (Gas- analysis)
EN 717-3 (Flask)"
JIS A1460 (desiccator)
"ATCM 93120 (airborne toxic control measure) in
ASTM E1333 or ASTM D6007 chamber"
0.124mg/m3 = 0.099ppm
SE0 0.04ppm
E0 0.07ppm
E1 0.14ppm
E2 0.38ppm
F**** 0.04ppm
F*** 0.07ppm
F** 0.14ppm
CARB Phase 2 0.05ppm
CARB Phase 1 0.08ppm

Timber construction standards

The actual standards can be seen here: