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Timber building materials in East Africa

In East Africa, the main use of wood is in carpentry for the manufacture of furniture such as chairs, tables, cupboards, doors, window frames, etc. In construction, wood does not have a very good reputation, this is partly due to fears such as termite attacks, lack of fire resistance or susceptibility to rot caused by humidity. aims to show you that these issues can be overcome by choosing the right materials with the right preparation and with the right construction techniques.

The wood panel industry occupies an important place and is undergoing an increasingly important development in East Africa. As work and research progresses, will share with you information on many products related to the wood industry.

Mass Timber Construction East Africa (MTCEA)

The main idea is to develop the manufacture of timber building materials in East Africa.

The objective of this project is to respond to the problems encountered in East Africa related to the construction sector, such as :

  • Low quality of wood products
  • Low sustainable building process
  • Increasing demand for housing estate construction
  • High unemployment rate
  • Use of tropical timber and trafficking of illegal timber
  • Building quality

It will benefit the improvement of the quality of services and products offered by construction companies and craftsmen as well as the improvement of their knowledge in the field of construction. As a result, the quality of life of the population of East Africa will be increased and local owners of forest resources will benefit from an increase in the value of wood materials on the market.

Products where lightwood may be of interest

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