Diversity in East Africa

In 2020, more than 854 tree species are recorded in Uganda according to the Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Wood species

Criteria for selecting species with high potential

Fairventures has collected information about species with great potential for agroforestry and construction. Lightwood.org will provide you with information about the identification and selection methods to find interesting lightwood species.

Initially, 10 wood species were selected which, according to the criteria chosen, appear to be species with high potential. You can find them on the bottom of this page.

What lightwood.org provides for you 

East Africa has a very rich flora with many species of trees. Through Lightwood.org, the goal is to share with you the different information resulting from research on tree species in East Africa. The objective is to provide you with information on tree species that have great economic and ecological potential to contribute to the local economy and the environment of the country.

Lightwood.org provides you with fact sheets containing the following information on each species used or that has a great interest in the market:

The lightwood species in East Africa

(Albizia Coriaria)

(Maesopsis eminii)

Elgon Teak
(Olea welwitschii)

(Grevillea robusta)

(Terminalia superba)

African Mahogany
(Khaya anthotheca)

(Melia volkensii)

(Milicia excelsa)

(Markhamia lutea)

(Azadirachta indica)