Elgon Teak


Scientific nameOlea welwitschii
SynonymsElgon Teak / Elgon olive
Native distributionSub Saharan Africa
BiologyThe tree can reach 25m with a straight bole and small crown. The bark is pale grey to white, grooved vertically. The leaves are oval, up to 15 cm long. The tip is drawn out and pointed. The flowers are small and white, in sprays to 8 cm long. The fruits are narrow, oval and small.
EcologyIt is a slow growing species.
HabitatLowland rain forest to upland evergreen forest.
WoodElgon Teak is an extremely good, stable and aesthetic timber which is used in shipbuilding. It is also used for fine furniture, door and window frames and any other applications that require strong, durable and stable wood. Its branches are also used for firewood.
NTFPsBark is used for medicine purposes.
ServicesA very valuable termite-resistant timber tree. The timber is pale golden brown with paler streaks and is used for high-class furniture.
Other informationMost teak is harvested and imported directly from forests in DRC