Indonesian Lightwood Cooperation Forum

Indonesian Lightwood Cooperation Forum (ILCF)

Lightwood is an incredible material which has huge potential for the future. Indonesia is one of the leading countries worldwide in producing and exporting plywood and blockboards. Fast growing Lightwood is abundantly available. To benefit from this potential, the timber industry has to venture the step beyond the classical commodities. With product innovations, the sector is able to develop new markets and keep their place as an important part of the secondary economies in Indonesia.

The goal of the Indonesian Lightwood Cooperation Forum is to highlight the potential of Lightwood, to present existing innovations from Indonesia around the world, discuss new applications and to develop and expand the community which will benefit from the mutual know-how.
Taking the step beyond the classical commodities means generating innovative products, entering a synergy with other materials and exploring new possibilities.

The Lightwood sector in combination with other materials has unsuspected properties. Technical wood products are highly in demand as the main structure for a growing part of tall buildings in Europe and other places around the world. This is only one example where Lightwood is entering new markets.
To discover the potential of Lightwood, the community of academia, producers, architects and wood processing companies have to meet and be updated about innovations, chances and opportunities.