Why timber construction

Here are a few videos from experts in wood construction that will help you learn and create your own opinion on the use of wood in construction

Michael Green is an award-winning architect known for his research, leadership, and advocacy in promoting the use of wood and new technology in the built environment. Based in Vancouver, he founded MGA to create meaningful and sustainable change in building through innovation in construction sciences and design.
The Economist is an international weekly newspaper printed in magazine-format and published digitally that focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, and technology. The newspaper has a prominent focus on data journalism and analysis over original reporting, to both criticism and acclaim.
Seeker is an American digital media network and content publisher based in San Francisco, California. Seeker empowers the curious to understand the science that is shaping our world and tell stories about the natural forces and groundbreaking innovations that impact our lives, our planet, and our universe.
Ben Kaiser brings a unique perspective to urban development, informed by over 20 years of serving as the owner, developer, architect, and general contractor on his projects. He is committed to mass timber construction and believes it is the future of sustainable development. Carbon 12 is one his signature project.