Fairventures Lightwood Competition

Fairventures Lightwood Competition (FLC)

Fairventures is a NGO based in Stuttgart (Germany) which is engaged in reforestation in Kalimantan. Together with local partners Fairventures helps farmers to grow Lightwood species like Sengon and Jabon. To include all stakeholders along the value chain of Lightwood Fairventures is organizing events like the ILCF or is collaborating with schools like PIKA to develop the sensitivity for Lightwood. These activities should end into a more added value generating Lightwood sector.

FLC is a competition organised by Fairventures to promote the use of Lightwood in the wood industry. The objective is to work with students who have the task of creating a wooden object by respecting certain criteria such as the time available as well as the materials to be used.

Finally, a jury will determine which object deserves the highest score according to the criteria to be met. A ranking is made and the students with the best marks will be awarded a prize.

You can access the results of the latest competitions by clicking on the following links :