Learn more about the use and processing of fast-growing light tree species

What are the benefits of Lightwood ?

Lightwood has the capacity to be an economic driver in developing countries and also has many advantages over other materials. The sustainable development and application of lightwood in technical wood products and modern mass timber construction can contribute significantly to poverty reduction, climate change mitigation, a post-carbon economy and greater value addition to the producer countries.

Lightwood has great potential for use as a building material, for furniture, for the energy industry and in many other areas. Adding value to these products improves not only the local economy of the country, but also the entire supply chain. By using wood material to its full potential is an opportunity to multiply the impact of climate benefits: CO2 sequestration (forest carbon stock), CO2 storage (carbon in materials), substitution of materials with high emissions and recycling (end of life cycle).

What is Lightwood ?

The term Lightwood encompases  fast-growing low-density wood species. This term includes many local tree species from the tropics with some of the highest growth rates in the world. 

The main purpose of Lightwoord.org is to provide you with the following information:

  • Sustainable ways of land use for small- and big-scale investors.
  • Lightwood species profiles useful for planting and processing.
  • An overview over common products from lightwood.
  • Timber construction news from Indonesia, East Africa and other countries around the world.
  • The essential requirements for the sector to succeed and develop further.
  • The actors along the value chain, from forestry until finished products.

Why is Lightwood relevant for your business ?

By working with lightwood, your company can replace common unsustainable products with the all-rounder Lightwood. Lightwood.org connects you to other actors along the value chain, allowing you better understand the market and to develop a culture of transparency and cooperation in the sector and its environment, which will distinguish you from some of the more traditional timber supply chains.

Transparency as we achieve it with lightwood.org gives :

  • … farmers the necessary information about the demand for the processing industry.
  • … the process industry product innovation ideas and the required standards to access new markets.
  • … architects, designers and international buyers an overview of the latest technical wood products and timber constructions from and in Indonesia and East Africa.
  • … an overview of the actors in the lightwood value chain.

Our goal

Lightwood.org is an information platform by Fairventures Worldwide gGmbH and provides information along the value chain of Lightwood in Indonesia and East Africa. At Fairventures, we work together with researchers, companies and government agencies to promote the use of these species and increase our knowledge and understanding of lightwood. For us it is necessary that all actors along the value-chain can benefit and develop themselves to a sustainable part of the economy and society.

To learn more about the tree species used, forest management and the timber processes and products produced, click here for more information.


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