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Current situation

According to Global Forest Watch, from 2002 to 2019, Indonesia lost 9.59 million hectares of primary rainforest, representing 37 per cent of its total loss of forest cover over the same period. The total area of primary rainforest in Indonesia decreased by 10 per cent during this period.

Over the past years, Indonesia has recognized the problem of deforestation and has focused on reduced deforestation, promoting reforestation and supporting local communities to take over forest management.

How can the “Lightwood” help in Indonesia ?

Indonesia has a tropical climate, fertile soils and a large part of the population works in agriculture. In addition, Indonesia has a historically strong timber processing industry that employs many thousands of workers and generates important income for the country. Over the last years, Indonesia has created a very interesting legal framework, with the SVLK legality tracing system and the social forestry initiative.

That is where the importance of fast-growing lightwood becomes apparent. Lightwood is proven to be a sustainable and economical solution for land and forest owners and timber processing companies.

Lightwood has great potential along the value chain:It can be produced through afforestation, creating natural carbon sinks. Fast-growing timber plantations can also improve the soil quality, produce fruits and provide shelter to animals. Sustainable managed lightwood plantations provide an important source of raw material for the timber processing sector in Indonesia and help to decrease the usage of wood harvested from primary forests. The production of lightwood is an attractive and sustainable source of incomes for smallholder farmers and larger landowners alike. Even 1 or 2 hectares of lightwood have the potential to lift a family out of poverty. On the market side, innovative products for the construction sector can be produced with the lightwood and sold nationally and internationally. Demand for wood products in Indonesia and among its major trade partners is high.

Lightwood.org is promoting the usage of sustainable timber and tries to increase added value along the value chain, with a focus on the timber processing industry.

What is the focus of Fairventures’ work in Indonesia ?

We offer you the opportunity to discover the various aspects that concern lightwood in practice. You will find various information  on lightwood species, how forests are managed, but also everything there is to know about the various woodworking processes and the products that can be obtained. You can also access the different activities that have taken place in Indonesia to promote Lightwood.

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