PT. Tatalestari Rimbabuana

Short Company description

PT. Tatalestari Rimbabuana is a wood manufacturing company producing and selling Plywood, LVL, Blockboard and Bare Core using Paraserianthes falcataria.  With these best quality and eco-friendly products the company supplies the international and local market. Since 1991, the products are mainly sold to the Japanese market and some volume also goes to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Middle East, Australia and to the Indonesian market.

PT. Tatalestari Rimbabuana uses timber from legal and sustainable plantations of small holder farmers which is proved with a  Legal Verification Certificate (V-Legal), and in addition, the company holds JAS certificates for low emission on glue usage.

Company Profile

Year of Foundation: 1991

Employees: 1153

Products and quantities per year

Here is a list of the products we offer:

  • Barecore
  • Plywood
  • LVL
  • Blockboard

Our production capacities for Plywood are 2.150 t/year, for LVL 250 t/year, for Blockboard 5.600 t/year and for Barecore about 4.550 t/year.

Export market

Our current export market is mainly Japan, but we also export to:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Local market

Source of timber and International certifications

The main wood species used in the production is Sengon and the logs are sourced from small holder farmers.

In addition, we have the following certification:

  • SVLK
  • JAS – Certificate

Adress and contact

Mr. Paulus Harisudibjo
President Director
062 293 365360
062 822 2148 9960

PT. Tatalestari Rimbabuana
Jl. Raya Magelang- Purworejo Km. 9
Kel. Tempurejo Kec. Tempuran Kab. Magelang
56161 -Indonesia