President Joko Widodo visited our Lightwood Pavilion at TradExpo 18 in Jakarta

Nothing but excited whispers and camera flashes when the Indonesian President Joko Widodo walks down the aisle towards our booth that we realized with our partners Indonesian Lightwood Association (ILWA), Minestry of Trade (MoT) and Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO).

The Trade Expo Indonesia is a fare that displays Indonesias diversity in innovation, creativity and trade. Especially the innovations in the wood sector seem to become more and more sustainable since the moratorium that prohibits illegal logging. Booths with recycled woods or furniture out of tree roots show that the market is moving into the right direction.
Especially our lightwood construction and the one from our neighbors PT. Rimba Sentosa raised the president’s attention. In one of his instagram and facebook posts after his visit he claims that lightwood is a driver of innovation in the Indonesian wood industry.
A couple of years ago lightwood was still smiled at. Well times changed and lightwood will become one of the most important resources in the timber industry.

President Joko Widodo is visiting our Lightwood Pavilion at TradExpo 2018

News reports from the Lightwood Pavilion at TradExpo: