36th Indonesian Trade Expo – Reviving Global Trade

The President of Indonesia, Mr. Ir. H. Joko Widodo, at the opening ceremony of Trade Expo Indonesia

Indonesia has achieved a positive trend of export growth in a variety of products and services in the global market for the past few years. To keep on improving national export performance, the Ministry of Trade has been proactive in inviting and bringing in buyers and investors for a direct connection with Indonesian providers of export products and services at the annual tradeshow of Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI). Reacting to the situation concerning the pandemic, the Ministry of Trade aims to improve export performance by changing the modus operandi of TEI to Trade Expo Indonesia Digital Edition.

TEI-DE 2021 is ready to provide more convenience through an interactive platform in the e-catalog format as well as major international trade shows in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. That way, interactive activities between sellers and buyers will run better” explained the Ministry of Trade.

With the theme “Reviving Global Trade”, the 36th Trade Expo Indonesia Digital Edition 2021 provides a strategic platform for Indonesian exporters and international buyers to connect. This international scale exhibition is scheduled online for 14 days (October 21 – November 4, 2021), and the product showcase will be held until December 20, 2021. In addition to the exhibition, this time TEI-DE 2021 will present various activities such as trade forums, exploration of trade agreements (business matching) and purchasing missions, seminars, and business counseling. Fairventures Worldwide is once again part of the largest trade exhibition in Indonesia. Together with ILWA (Indonesian Light Wood Association), IPD (Import Promotion Desk), and SIPPO (Swiss Import Promotion Program), FVW  is a supporting partner as a wood supplier through the lightwood agroforestry program in Central Kalimantan, the former 1 million Trees which has now been expanded to new areas and includes more farmers under the new title 100 Million Trees program. Lightwood Products from ILWA such as Finger Joint Laminated Board (FJLB), Barecore, Plywood, Blockboard, Veneer, etc will be displayed in the expo.

Fairventures virtual booth in TEI-DE 2021

In addition to the exhibition, Fairventurestogether with ILWA (Indonesian Light Wood Association), IPD (Import Promotion Desk), SIPPO (Swiss Import Promotion Program), and in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, also organized the Indonesian Lightwood Cooperation Forum (ILCF). We are committed to encouraging Indonesia to become a world pioneer in sustainable, innovative lightwood production. Through lightwood, Indonesia can change its image in the eyes of the world, from producing tropical wood to creating innovative and sustainable wood.

The 6th Indonesian Lightwood Cooperation Forum was implemented in a hybrid model, online and offline.

With the theme “Indonesian Lightwood Products: Legal and Sustainable”, the 6th Indonesian Lightwood Cooperation Forum provided insights into topics like product innovation, an increase of the value chain, and reforestation. Several speakers attended the forum such as the Chairman of the Indonesian Light Wood Association (ILWA) Setya Wisnu Broto; German Import Promotion Desk (IPD) Representative Frank Maul; representative of Fairventures Worldwide Indonesia Charles Tanaka, and representatives of the Swiss Import Promotion Organization (SIPPO).

The representatives of Fairventures Worldwide Indonesia Mr. Charles Tanaka

The speaker from Fairventures Worldwide, Mr. Charles Tanaka, presented the topic “Lightwood As Building Material For Sustainability” and pointed out the market trends including the focus to the producers and locals (national customers, such as project developers and construction companies) to create awareness of lightwood as a sustainable building material.

Fairventures Worldwide focuses on replanting degraded forests and providing sustainable income around the forest. This goal can be achieved if local people can get real benefits from reforestation” Mr. Charles concluded.